Friday, July 15, 2022

Make It Great!

 Hey ☺️ y'all!
Just wanted to remind you to make today and everyday, A GREAT DAY!
It's your day, do what you WILL with it.
You are breathing. It's a new day, full of new opportunities. Just take it and make it great!

Monday, October 18, 2021

Does there have to be sides???

 Hey Friends!

Which side of the fence are you on?

Are you for the mask or against them?

My personal opinion is why do we have to choose a side?

I feel like everyone should treat this issue like we treat religion and politics. Respect other people's choices. If I don't want to wear a 😷 mask I shouldn't be forced to or judged for it. And vis versa, if you want to wear the mask that's your choice and I respect that.

A lady verbally attacked me in a gas station for not having on a mask. She literally pointed out people in the store and said we would be the first ones to get sick 🤢. I told her that's a matter of personal opinion ma'am. She went off on me, yelling that she wasn't talking to me. I politely reminded her that she was talking about me and I was standing right there, so felt the need to speak up for myself.

This is sad. There was no need for her to wish ill 🤧 on other people. To each their own. She was doing what she felt she needed to do to protect her health and we were doing the same. We can do that respectfully. There is no need to bully people or judge people. We simply need to respect each other and keep it moving.

Needless to say, everyone in the store came to my defense. And we did not let her ruin our evening. Please friends be respectful and carry yourselves in a positive way. She attracted negative energy and it didn't benefit her in anyway. 

If you don't have something good to say don't speak at all. ☺️

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Be there for yourself ☺️

 Hey friends! Today I want you to know that it is okay to choose yourself. Sometimes we try so hard to be there for others and we forget ourselves in the process. No one else is going to care for you as much as you care for you. People will let you be there for them and they will not show up for you. So remember to be there for yourself. 😉 Have an awesome week friends 🙂

Saturday, January 23, 2021


Hey friends! Here's a link to our Facebook page. Check us out.

Thursday, December 17, 2020


This is my other YouTube channel. I have two channels. All four of my children have YouTube channels. We are like a little YouTube family lol. We do the Gram and tiktok too. 

I mostly do natural post about eating right, skin, and hair tips. I'm going to start sharing more of things that I do like organization and cleaning tips. 

I'm also going to be sharing Uber stories soon. 

Please leave comments on topics you would like for me to share.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hey friends! Check this article out, lots of juicy info here.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Chin Up

Good morning friends. I decided to share my heart with you all today. Today I am hurting. Emotionally I am in pain. I have been going through a lot this year. I have let go of a lot this year. I have realized that I am always putting myself last. I am always trying to please others. I'm always concerned with others opinions. What about me? I'm being trampled on. I'm caring for everyone else and no one is caring for me. It has caused me to be depressed. I lay in my bed and cry because I'm emotionally drained from other people repeatedly letting me down. It is such an awful feeling. The feeling of knowing that no one cares. Feeling like your not good enough or flawed. Feeling like everyone is looking down on you. You don't want to move. So you just sleep the pain away. The mind is so powerful. I know I should get up and do things, but I lay here still. I'm so hurt. I know what to do, but I don't know what to do. I have let other people take my happiness. I'm letting other people control me. I'm hurting and depressed. I'm embarrassed that I feel this way. I'm disappointed mostly with myself. I have let people take my power, my energy, and my time. We teach people how to treat us. We let people trample our emotions. We give them the power. Then when they are done with you, there is no strength left to stand up and start again. It's hard to stand and walk again. After being stabbed over and over again, it's so hard to get up and go at it again. You have to find it, the strength. You have to find the will power to get up and get going again. You have to find the way back to a healthy, happy you! It's not very far either, because it's already there within you. How? Start to think about you. What do you want? What makes you happy? Write something to get the feelings out. Sometimes that really helps when you have no one to talk to. Exercise and sweat a little. It helps to get a nice workout, you start to feel better about yourself. A long meditation in the shower with your favorite tunes can really boost your mood and creative thinking. Then once you start, don't ever stop. Keep the momentum of making you feel good and keeping you healthy, happy and positive. And do not lose yourself in others ever again. Teach people how you want to be treated. If others can't except you for you, then simply let them go.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Usually I do not catch colds. Yesterday I felt awful towards the end of the day. I went home and collapsed on to the bed. My body was sore. I was burning up and freezing at the same time.

My son made me a cup of green tea. I bundled up and fell into sleep. I needed it. I felt better when I awoke. I made another pot of green tea. I put ginger, clove, and honey in my cup. That cleared it right up. I cooked some eggs and grits. I put tomatoes, onions, garlic, and peppers on my grits.

I really think that the combination of sleep, tea, and good food helped me feel a lot better.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Healthy Digestion

I love to do different things with my digestive system. 
One of my favorite things to do is to eat different foods to see how they affect my digestive system. My favorite foods to eat for this are bananas, collard greens, yogurt, and apples. I like to drink a lot of aloe, apple juice and water. There are lots of other foods that can aid the digestive system but those are my favs.  

I like to use enemas too. I buy them sometimes and sometimes I make my own.  I like to YouTube other peoples methods for this too.  I make my own laxatives too. I prefer my own verses store bought ones because they are easier on my body. I have two that I do. I use lemon, baking soda and warm water sometimes. My favorite is a hot drink I make out of apple juice, and aloe. I heat up a half cup of apple juice than I add a half cup of aloe to cool it down and that is what I drink. After I drink it I go to lay on my left side.

I like to do laxatives and enemas when ever i am trying to lose weight or if I am about to go on a cleanse. Then after I do them sometimes I will go the next day without eating. I will just drink water and rest. Then for the rest of the week or month depending on what I am trying to achieve, I will eat fruit and veggies.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

You Are Beautiful!

You are as beautiful as you feel. Only you have power over that. Never let anyone or anything determine how you feel about you. You have the power to be the best you each and every day! Use that power. 
Some people do daily affirmations. You can get up everyday and speak positively about yourself to yourself in the mirror. Stand up nice and tall, look into your eyes, and tell yourself who you are. For example, "Good morning Tiffany! You are beautiful! You are smart! You are worth it! You are loved! You are great!"
Do not let others take your power or have power over how you feel. Make each day great. So what if you got up late, still have a great day, and feel beautiful. If someone is mean to you, flip the script. Be overly nice to the mean people, because they need it. Being nice to the other people will give you energy and make you feel good. Also, it will help the other person too, it might turn their day around.
Just remember to be the best you possible. Be beautiful, no matter what! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Positive Energy!

I make it a point to greet every beautiful soul I see when Im out and about!
I want to spread my positive energy. When I say hello to all the people I see, I also make sure they remember to have a great day. I let my positive energy flow into them and then they can pass it on to the next person. A continuous cycle of positive energy flow from person to person. It is a cycle that is good for everyone! It makes you feel great to help someone else feel great!

Go forth and be extremely positive😉

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Health is very important! Even more important than health is Nature. Every thing we 

need is already all around us. I have heard that what ever you are eating can hurt you 

or heal you. A wise person also told me "you should be able to eat what ever you are 

putting on your body".  I love finding creative ways of eating to heal or great uses for 

the nature that I eat. I have been told that it is a life style, and for me that is true.

Make It Great!

 Hey ☺️ y'all! Just wanted to remind you to make today and everyday, A GREAT DAY! It's your day, do what you WILL with it. You are b...