Sunday, November 20, 2016

Health is very important! Even more important than health is Nature. Every thing we 

need is already all around us. I have heard that what ever you are eating can hurt you 

or heal you. A wise person also told me "you should be able to eat what ever you are 

putting on your body".  I love finding creative ways of eating to heal or great uses for 

the nature that I eat. I have been told that it is a life style, and for me that is true.


  1. Tiffany, tht is amazing!!! I like the Wisdom of not putting Anythng on yor body tht u cannot eat��������...Most ppl do not do these 'Natural' things for our bodies; they may know about them, but never put them to practice...for whatever reason. Well I think the "African Religion" tht I watched (on yor website) is The Story of the 'Biblical Account', with the names of the characters changed, e.g. The Wild One who wore loin·cloths was like the John {The Baptist} character in the Biblical·Account--which there were "Writings" not just "Believers", but Also Non·believers [Thousands of yrs ago] about the Biblical Account. The Bible Is The Only "Religious·Writing" or Set of Laws/Prophecies tht {Was Written Thousands of yrs Ago...some even longer ago} Is The Most Accurate with fore·telling the future...Even in this 21st Century [{& Also}] look up and study the "Bible·Code"---from the Origional Text of the Bible, there are messages 'Hidden' in the Script, e.g. 9-11 was found in it, the twin·towers, George Bush, Air planes, terrorism, [{&}] etc...The 'Prophecies' of Scripture, Is Still coming [{True}] even to this day; [{Also}] could you pls read the "Book of Revelation"...Even Study It...[{&}] let me know what you Really think about it, [{Knowing}] tht the Bible Is The Most Accurate of All Religious Writings out there...N Prophecies...& The [{Best Explanation}] of Even of "The Creation·Story"...Plus Who We Really Are...As The [{Human·Race}], [{&}] Etc...

  2. Tiffany I lost my key in your car I believe please get back to me


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