Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Healthy Digestion

I love to do different things with my digestive system. 
One of my favorite things to do is to eat different foods to see how they affect my digestive system. My favorite foods to eat for this are bananas, collard greens, yogurt, and apples. I like to drink a lot of aloe, apple juice and water. There are lots of other foods that can aid the digestive system but those are my favs.  

I like to use enemas too. I buy them sometimes and sometimes I make my own.  I like to YouTube other peoples methods for this too.  I make my own laxatives too. I prefer my own verses store bought ones because they are easier on my body. I have two that I do. I use lemon, baking soda and warm water sometimes. My favorite is a hot drink I make out of apple juice, and aloe. I heat up a half cup of apple juice than I add a half cup of aloe to cool it down and that is what I drink. After I drink it I go to lay on my left side.

I like to do laxatives and enemas when ever i am trying to lose weight or if I am about to go on a cleanse. Then after I do them sometimes I will go the next day without eating. I will just drink water and rest. Then for the rest of the week or month depending on what I am trying to achieve, I will eat fruit and veggies.

Hi friends. When you get a chance, research digestive enzymes. I've started using them. I'm having good results. I heard about them from TikTok. People are using them for weight loss.


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