My Diet and Exercise Routine

Update on my dieting and exercises.

I changed up a little but not that much. For exercises I made everything simple on myself. When I awake in the morning I do leg lifts or scissors. Yes, while I'm laying in my bed. Lazy, but effective! Two things, it wakes me up and gets my blood flowing and it works my tummy area. 

I usually head straight to the bathroom after that. So, something else I have been doing are squats every time I visit a restroom. Yes, in public too. If I'm at the store and I use the potty, I stand in the stall or in front of the mirror and I do squats. I just love people's reactions! But, hey, my body is looking good.

So, after washing my face, brushing my teeth, and yay squats, I do whatever for the day. Now throughout the day I have other exercise routine I work into my schedule. 
Since most of the country is on quarantine and our children are now homeschooling, I have included them into my routine as well. In my city the schools offer a free lunch on the week days. I walked the children daily to free lunch. So I have dubbed this as my mid-day walk. We walk to the school and collect the lunches, then we circle the block to take the long route home, in order to maximize the benefits of our mid-day walk. So, two things here, we walked and entertained the children after morning homeschooling. This is great because now they are tired and hungry. They will eat the wonderful lunch provided by the school and not your fridge, then hopefully fall asleep! Yay, me time/freedom for like an hour if that... Secondly you just got a good walk in. Hopefully you ate before the walk, that's what I do. I usually get my lunch in before the walk so that I can work the food off during the walk.
If your children don't take naps it's okay, this walk will slow/calm them down. 

Another highlight of my day is my bike. I have a stationary bike. I usually hop on after eating. Mostly that is at dinner time for me since I usually combine lunch and breakfast. My dinner time is earlier than most. I usually eat my last meal around 5pm. It's because I go to sleep earlier than most. I'm usually in bed by seven. This is good because I ate two hours before sleep and got in some exercise. 
I spend anywhere from half an hour to two hours on my bike. It's so easy because that is also when I watch TV. 

Which brings me to my next point. If you don't have a stationary bike, just do exercises while you watch TV. You can walk in place, do sit ups, push ups, dance, whatever your thing is. I love biking and squats. 

Now, it's time for sleep. I do another set of leg lifts or scissors. Yes while I'm laying in my bed. I also do deep breathing exercises. YouTube "breathing exercises to lose weight" it works. I'm big on this because I don't just do it when I'm going to sleep. I do deep breathing exercises throughout the day and especially when I'm doing workouts. 

So now I will get into my dieting. 
I usually eat twice a day. It's not that strict tho. I am intermittent fasting. So I eat between certain hours. I start around 11am and I don't eat after 5/6pm. Whenever I have had my last thing to eat, I don't go to sleep until two hours after that.

I'm not detoxing, so I have a large option to choose from. I'm still only eating poultry. That is what works for me. I do a lot of fruits and vegetables. I mostly eat bananas, pineapples, pears, cabbage, greens, and eggs. Sometimes I have grits or oatmeal. Everyone is different, those are just the things I love to eat.

 I drink a lot of water! It's the first thing I put into my body when I wake up. I keep a jug of natural spring water next to my bed, to hydrate  my organs first thing in the mornings. I also keep a jug in my car. I work in my car, so I always have water there. When I'm not in the car I either cover my jug with a cover or shirt, or I just take it with me. This is so that the sun doesn't heat up the plastic and cause damage to my water and also so that it doesn't cause a fire. You can also find that on YouTube. 
I drink water after I use the bathroom. I drink  water throughout eating. It's important because it helps you with digesting your food.
So this is my daily diet and exercise routine. 

just learned about this tea that helps with losing weight! It cleans your body. That is really all that is wrong with most of us. We just need a good cleaning out. Think about it, when your system is clean you operate better. You stay awake and alert. You exercise and feel great afterwards. You even get better sleep when your body isn't holding in all those toxins. We even think clearly when we aren't full of poop! Lololol.

My Personal Diet & Exercise exercise routine

I am detoxing for one day, with lemon water and tea.  
The second day I am adding juice to my diet.
The third day I am adding fruit and veggies.
The fourth day I am adding chicken.

This is going to be my diet for the rest of the month. I will make notes on which fruits and veggies I will continue to eat, if I will keep chicken or not, and if I will be adding eggs or beans to my diet.

I have a set of five exercises I am going to do 3 times per day.  
Donkey Kicks
Jumping Jacks

In addition to that, I am going to try to walk or jog for 20-30 min per day, at least three days per week.  I will also be doing 10 squats ever time I visit the restroom.  I will be taking notes on what is or is not working for me. Then I will be able to adjust my personal system and make it work best for me.


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