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Hey Friends
Make sure you are covering your hair up b4 you sleep. If you are losing hair on one side of your head or in the back middle part of your head, it is because you are not covering your hair b4 you sleep. I did the same thing. my hair was shorter on the side on my head that I slept on. Hats and wigs will bald your head too. be care with your daily routine and consider how it maybe affecting your hair.

I recently ran into this beautiful young lady at a friends party. Her hair was soooooo lovely! I asked what it is that she does and she said she deep conditions a lot. She also told me to try the mayonnaise as a conditioner.  So I'm going to YouTube it and try it out and let y'all know what happens. 
The mayonnaise as a conditioner is okay, but not my cup of tea. 

I Do Not Struggle With My Natural Hair!

I have rules for my nature hair. I do not use any heat on my hair. NO flat irons, blow dryers, hot combs, curling irons, or very hot water.
I try to only use natural ingredients on my hair, things like eggs, yogurt, or grape seed oil. I try not to use chemicals on my natural hair. Most people think that chemicals mean relaxer. That is chemical, but did you know shampoo, conditioner, hair lotions, hair puddings, detangler, and other hair products all have chemicals too?
I wash my hair with baking soda. After I rinse it out, I rinse my hair with an apple-cider vinegar mix. I mix water and apple-cider vinegar, then pour it over my hair. The apple-cider vinegar mix will help my hair to absorb all the moister and nutrient from my conditioner.  Then I rinse my hair with warm water before applying my conditioner. I use plain yogurt and egg for my conditioner. I like to leave it for a bit then rinse it out. When I deep condition, I leave it in for a whole hour or more wrapped in plastic. After I rinse out my conditioner I stretch my hair with two strand twist and oil it with olive oil or grape seed oil. You have to learn to love your natural hair, and treat it with love.

Just recently when I washed my hair, I made a small strong cup of green tea. I mixed the green tea with the baking soda and that is what I washed my hair with.  Next time I am going to use hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea has healing properties. 

What ever you are putting on your scalp is going directly to your brain!!!
Whatever you put on your skin goes into the pores and into your body!
Including the type of water you use.

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